Movies on Sports Betting Worth Watching

Are you an aspiring punter? Do you use things like BetAmerica promo code 2019There are always ways to learn from the legends and some of those ways involve you reading strategies and tons and tons of literature. If you happen to be tired of reading, there are always movies. Some of them are documentaries but today, we will take a look at actual movies closely related to sports betting and gambling

The following list is in no particular order and features some of the best movies related to sports betting that have amazed people over the years.

Eight Men Out

This movie tells a real-life story of an actual scandal that took place way back in 1919 and involved the Chicago White Sox baseball team. The movie is all about how gambling and bribes can have an effect on professional sports and turn a favorable match into an unfavorable one.

While the movie is based on a real-life story and scandal involving bribes and gambling, it is also a story that people can learn from, as some mistakes do not need to be repeated even though, at the time, a different way might have seemed impossible.

The Color of Money

This movie is surely to attract people as it stars both Tom Cruise and Paul Newman. Newman is actually returning once more to play Eddie Felson, a character from another movie, albeit 25 years older, called The Hustler.

Similarly to The Hustler this story revolves around the two stars’ characters and their way in the hustling world. Where there is money to be gained and where there are egos involved, a disagreement is likely to happen. This movie shows you what to expect from a world of hustlers.

Two for the Money

While the previous two on the list show some scandals and possibilities of the gambling world, this movie takes it to another levels. Starring Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey, it strives to portray a darker world of gambling and how deep it can go.

You can expect a pro player turned gambling advisor to help people win bets by making predictions for them to get into all sorts of trouble and unpleasant situations even being at odds with his mentor.


This seems light at first but also delves into the business of organized crime which is usually very neatly packed with gambling. 3 college friends embark on a journey to become bookies and their business quickly booms, earning them money. Little did they know that some people do not really tolerate competition and they attract the wrong kind of attention. This movie is perfect for someone who wants a taste of the world of gambling, but on a lighter note.

There are plenty more sports betting movies you can dive into. Hardball and Even Money come to mind and even the legendary The Sting.

If you want to dive a bit deeper into the world of sports betting and enjoy a good movie along the way then these should keep you interested for quite some time.