5 Brilliant Artist Websites You Can Visit to Get Inspired

Art is all about creation. Creating art takes time, effort, experience and inspiration. The first three, well, you need to do a lot of work to get there, but the last one, it can be obtained through various other ways. People find interesting ways of finding inspiration, from drugs to online browsing, even online gambling. If someone were to claim the Borgata bonus, for example, an artist could be inspired to create a sculpture or a painting of someone sitting by their screen, waiting for the results of a match. With that in mind, if you wanted to find inspiration online, why not visit sites of various artists? Here are the top 5 sites you can visit if you want to find inspiration.

Benjamin Hardman

Rough landscapes and freezing cold water, animals which live there? Check. Benjamin’s site was built with Squarespace, which means it isn’t that much different to other sites, but it is in terms of its content. If you want to see some chilling landscapes, literally, this is the site to visit. Most of the photos were taken in Iceland, but there are photos from other areas of the world.

Maegan Guerette

If you want to see portraits, this is the site to visit. The portraits are often from weddings and celebrations. She manages to capture some moments which other photographers would most certainly miss. On the other hand, she also started painting, a style which is inspired by botany. You are likely to find paintings of plants, as well as those of humans, but instead of regular human features, you will most likely see various botany inspired drawings.

James Lewis

As a lettering artist, you can expect to see some amazing work on his site. He also collaborated with giant corporations like Samsung and Red Bull. Not only is his work interesting, but also his site, which starts with a video of him doing his work, but the video covers the entire screen. The site itself is a work of art. You can expect to see some of his work here, as well as other material to read, not just look at. It is a good place to visit if you want to be inspired.

Jason Arkles

This is an interesting site, because it deals with sculpting. Jason Arkles is a sculptor, a professional one. He is not only a sculptor, but also a professor at a school called Studio Della Statua, in Florence, Italy. His field of focus is mainly the 19th century. Some people might think that such a focus is a bit historic, but his way of sculpting incorporates a lot of modern techniques and approaches, thus blending his own view of art with that of the 19th century sculptors.

Creature Creature

East and west working together to make great murals and street art. Ambrose Rehorek and Chanel Tang work together in Australia to make art which blends both eastern and western approaches to art.

These are the five sites to visit if you are an aspiring artist and are in need of inspiration.